We are based in Cheshire/South Manchester and provide services on a National basis.  Our ethos is to be pro-active and operate with a can-do attitude.  We appreciate the time constraints and pressures that Social Workers and Support workers are faced with so want to help you do your job in any way we can. 


We provide our Clients with a tailored daily money management service to solve money related problems (and also associated safeguarding concerns).  We appreciate the difficulties and problems faced by Clients when money problems arise.  We also fully understand the difficulties faced by professionals involved in a Client’s life when things do not go to plan or there is simply too much to do in a short space of time and you are overwhelmed.  We are here to help our Clients and also to help you.

Client's are Individuals

We work with Clients from all groups with various care arrangements.  Our Clients come to us from a range of professionals, organisations, friends and families.  Our founding Solicitor  focuses on making our Clients' lives the best possible place they can be on contemplation of their financial position.  He undertakes visits (when required) and oversees decisions made about each Client.  

Each Client is different and has individual money management needs.  We work with Social Workers, Support Workers, family and friends to determine how finances should be managed and to help everyone involved to promote a better more fulfilled life for each Client.  Money used wisely can bring such improvement and benefit to a Client’s life.  To assess this use we will always consider each Client individually and their circumstances thoroughly in their best interests.



Where money is involved, often a number of safeguarding investigations may have already taken place about concerns of financial abuse by family members, friends or even care providers.  In that case, it would be our intention to work with Social Services Departments to become part of any safeguarding plan to protect an individual’s finances and ensure the Client’s finances are correctly monitored and always used in the their best interests.

By becoming the Corporate Appointee (the Appointee) under the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) we take on the legal responsibility of receiving and managing a Client’s welfare benefits and their entitlements.  To do this, we apply to become the Appointee either with the Client’s agreement or more regularly where a Health or Care Professional has undertaken a mental capacity assessment to determine that the person no longer has the mental capacity to manage their finances.  The Appointeeship must then be granted by the DWP, a process which may take up to 6 weeks to achieve.  Once granted, the benefits will then be paid into a new bank account which is setup in the Client’s name and accessible by the Finance Care Service on behalf of the Client.

Financial Management

Each Appointeeship is managed solely by our Solicitor founder who will assess a budget in light of received benefits and then plan for the coming months and years.  Bills and any spends will be paid from this new account and all benefits payments in will be held there.  If our Client’s Carer(s) or Support Worker(s) requires access to monies such as spends then a prepaid debit card will be setup for presentation to the Carer and a set amount of money will be sent when/as required to ensure our Client has money as required.  Should our Client be able to manage money directly, then a preloaded debit card can be presented to them for their own sole use that will be monitored.

The majority of our Clients pay for our service through their benefits, as a lack of mental capacity to manage finances is not considered a statutory duty.  The Local Authority (LA) has no duty to provide it.  Some LAs regard daily money management fees for vulnerable adults as a “Disability Cost” and ignore it from income under the Fair Charging Legislation.  Client that are subject to a Section 117 Aftercare may find our service can be included as part of their health and care needs following discharge and therefore our Client does not have to pay our cost.

Our Founder takes great pride in helping others and striving to make every Client’s life the best place it can be in contemplation of their financial position.  Throughout the Appointeeship we will stay in close contact with our Client’s support network and help in any way we can.   We are here to help our Clients and also to help you.

We aim to have referrals setup within 24 hours and submissions can be made online by computer, tablet, Ipad or mobile phone.  We can also receive referrals by email.

If you have any questions about what we do, our referral forms or anything at all, please get in touch.


Contact us 0161 973 5759

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