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About Us, DWP Appointeeships & Daily Money Management

We were established in 2020 to deliver daily money management and safeguarding services for Vulnerable Adults.  We represent Service Users from various Local Authorities across England and support all Adults who need it.


We provide a National service that pays bills, protects from financial abuse, negotiates with Creditors, claims/manages benefit entitlements and provides supports on how to spend money in best interests. 


We communicate with Social Workers, Care Providers, Residential Homes, Hospitals, Local Authorities, Care Professionals and Family Members to resolve financial needs and desired outcomes.  Each Adult we represent has their circumstances regularly assessed to ensure needs are understood and the subsequent support we provide constantly evolves.  Strategies are put in place to benefit the Adult’s enjoyment of life as much as practicable and for a positive impact to be made to all involved.

We were established with the goals to be (i) supportive and (ii) pro-active, whilst taking pride in everything that we do to benefit the Adults we represent and their circles of care.  We recognise the difficulties and pressures that can arise when welfare benefits and/or state pension monies are inaccessible along with the many associated wide reaching problems.  


Our website explains more about our trusted DWP Appointeeship Service, our Shopping/Spends Card banking platform, how we provide support and how to make a referral.  Please have a look around and feel free to reach out and say hello with any questions you may have.


We grow our services through recommendation.  If you are aware of anyone who could benefit from talking to us, we would be grateful for the introduction.

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