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Social Workers, Support Workers & Healthcare


We provide a National Appointeeship service and are based in Cheshire (South Manchester).  We support a number of Local Authorities in England with financial advocacy for their Adult Service Users.


Our ethos is to be pro-active and operate with a can-do attitude.  We appreciate the time constraints and pressures that Social Workers and Support Workers undergo and it is our mission to help you in any way we can.


Clients are Individuals

We support Adults from a wide range of groups with varying care arrangements.  We focus on making our Adults' lives the most positive they can be on reflection of their financial position.  We undertake visits (when required) and oversee financial benefits/state pensions decisions made about each Adult.

Each Client is different and has specific money management needs.  We work closely with Social Workers, Support Workers, family and friends to determine how finances should be managed and help all involved to promote a fulfilled life for each Adult we represent in their best interests.



A number of safeguarding investigations may have already taken place about financial abuse by family members, friends or even care providers prior to our involvement. We have significant experience in this field and if that is the case, then we will work with Social Services to become part of any safeguarding plan to protect finances and ensure the Adults’ finances are closely monitored going forward and always used in best interests.


​​Financial Advocacy & Money Management

Each Appointeeship is closely managed with budgets being assessed in light of received benefits.  Bills and spends are paid from the Adult’s Appointeeship Bank account and benefits payments are held there.  The bank account remains in the name of the Adult at all times.  If our Client’s Carer(s) or Support Worker(s) require access to monies for shopping or spends then a preloaded debit card will be setup for access to set amounts of money as required.  Should our Client be able to manage money directly, then a preloaded debit card will be provided to them for use which will be monitored.  Should the Adult already have access to a bank account, then this will be used as a spends account.


Our Adults pay for our services through their benefits.  As managing a Service Users finances is not considered a statutory duty, Local Authorities have no duty to provide it.  Some Authorities regard our fixed costs as “Disability Costs” and disregard them from income under Fairer Charging Legislation.  Adults subject to a Section 117 Aftercare may find our service can be included as part of their health and care needs following discharge.

We take great pride in helping others and strive to make every Adult’s life the best it can be on contemplation of their financial position.  Throughout the Appointeeship we stay in close contact with our Adult’s support network and help in any way we can.  

We aim for referrals to be setup within 24 hours once received.  Submissions can be made online by telephone computer, tablet, Ipad, mobile phone, email or our paper referral form.​

If you have any questions about anything at all please get in touch.


We are here to help and provide support to our Clients and also to their circles of care.


We grow our services through recommendation.  If you are aware of anyone who could benefit from talking to us, we would be grateful for the introduction.

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