It Helps! But what is it?

Our Carer’s Shopping Card account provide a useful, safe and convenient way for Carer’s to access and obtain money for the people they care for easily.  Monies can be managed and monitored, thereby protecting both the person being cared for and the Carer. 

​The Carer’s Card can be loaded with money, daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. All spending on the account can then be monitored and reviewed as needed.

How Does it Work and Why?

Monies are paid into the Carer’s Shopping account from a main Feeder account, usually in the name of the person in care.  The Carer’s account essentially works in the same way as “a pay as you go” phone.

​We provide a fully managed service and will liaise with Carers, Care Managers and their Clients to confirm balances, order news cards and provide support on demand.

The service is setup to provide (easily) accessible shopping and spends money to those that need it in a secure and safe way.

​Our banking provider’s cards can be used contactless at points of sale, can be used to withdraw cash at cash machines and can even be used to order products over the internet or telephone, funds permitting.  The card is loaded with money and can be used until the monies run out and then topped up, in the same way a pay as you go phone works.

​We offer this service to care providers and family members.

The account can also be held and used by a vulnerable person themselves, in much the same way as a Carer can hold a card.

What Does it Cost?

​We offer a fully managed service at a cost of £8.00 per month (per service user) to care providers who employ carers to undertaken shopping task for their Clients.  This can be paid for by the service user, the care provider or a family member.

There are no account opening fees and the cards are free to use in stores or online.


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