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Our Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Appointeeship service protects Adults from financial abuse, claims Welfare Benefit entitlements and State Pensions, negotiates with Creditors and provides support with how to spend money in best interests. 


It is completely independent and provides everyday money management for Adult Clients’ needs and their support network.  We are not part of any organisation such as a Local Authority or Care Authority, so there are no conflicts of interest and we act as an independent Appointee.  We aspire to deliver a proactive service that evolves over time to benefit the Adult and their Circles of Care.


We act on behalf of many different Adults, including those with Learning Disabilities, Mental Health support needs and older Adults.

The Role of an Appointee

We manage and monitor Adults’ Welfare Benefit(s) and state pension payment(s) and provide financial Advocacy on their behalf.  From the sums managed, we budget and liaise with Creditors to pay bills including care contributions, rent, energy bills, water bills, telephone bills or day centre fees to name a few.  We also provide managed access to the Adults’ money for Carers for food, clothes, spends and other outgoings.  We provide an assessed, secure, friendly and professional service and deliver a tailored package for each Adult which operates within the clear legal Appointee framework.

We liaise with a number of people and Organisations such as social workers, care support staff, family members, local authority safeguarding teams, utility companies and the various DWP benefits departments and Pension Service on behalf of each Adult we help.


Features of our service:-

1. Acts as liaison and point of contact for finances, including creditors;

2. Collects benefits and manage monies in best interests;

          i.   This can include paying care bills and household bills;

          ii.  Providing monies to Carer’s and Support Workers for shopping and spends;

          iii. Providing money for holidays, equipment, clothes and furniture;

3. Identifies suitable benefits claims;

4. Completes and sign benefits claim forms;

5. Provides evidence to the DWP of entitlement;

6. Reports relevant changes to the DWP of circumstances (such as going into hospital or a change of persons living with the Service User).

A Tailored Fit Service and Banking Accounts


Each Appointeeship is tailored to each Adults specific needs to pursue their desired outcome(s).  No two Adults are the same and neither are their support requirements.

On receipt of the Appointeeship, a bank account is opened in the name of the Adult from which we manage their finances and provide monies as needed.  The banking platform provides a secure banking facility that is subject to the banks' duties under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).


What Does it Cost

For April 2023 onwards a fixed monthly fee of £77.00 for Service Users that are community based and £44.00 per month for Service Users that permanently reside in nursing or care homes or who are currently hospitalised.  A one-time set up fee of £145.00 applies which covers the opening of the file and liaisons with the relevant creditors, the DWP and/or the Pension Service.

Our service provides a flexible and accountable way to meet Adult’s welfare benefit responsibilities and money management needs whilst providing support to Carers and those involved. Our experience in financial matters and advocacy dealing with Creditors, Financial Institutions and Local Authorities provides a strong level of assistance for each Adult we represent.  We provide budgeting and general financial advocacy and will also adopt a more formal role where stronger safeguarding issues are necessary. 



Referrals are made via:-


  1. Telephone call;

  2. Email with synopsis;

  3. Via our paper referral form;

  4. Or instantly online via our electronic form ("Online Referral" below).

To make a referral please click on the "How to refer" a Client button below and it will take you to the referrals page or you can send an email to and we will send the form you.  Alternatively, call us on 0161 973 5759 and we will take the referral over the telephone and help in any way we can.

Corporate Appointeeships (Daily Money Management)

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