We have substantial experience working with Social Workers, Support Workers, Carers, Local Authorities, Care Organisations and Care Homes.  We fully understand the associated strains and pressures of those who work in these areas.  Our daily money management service is designed to provide a trusted, independent and accountable service that places the Client at the centre of what we do but also helps you.  Our goal is to take the burden off you and assist in any way we can.


How to Refer a Client

​We understand your pressures and time constraints so want to ensure referrals are carried out easily in a timely and straightforward manner normally within 6 hours (normal office hours).


We have made the process really easy. There are 2 options:-


OPTION 1- Online Referral (Computer, Tablet/Ipad or Mobile Phone)

Please click on the "Online Referral" button below and complete the online form.  It takes about 10 minutes.  Once completed, click submit and the form will be sent to us.  We will always respond to your submission to confirm we have it (once read) and aim to have the referral setup within 6 hours of submission.

OPTION 2- Paper Referral

  1. Please click on the "Paper Referral" link (button below);

  2. This will open up a PDF document;

  3. Please print and complete with the information needed in pen;

  4. Sign "Page 4" of the document;

  5. A policies and procedures document is also attached for you to read and sign "Page 9";

  6. Please then scan in the referral form (4 pages total including signed "Page 4") and "Page 9" (back sheet of the policies and procedures document) and email it back to

  7. We will then do the rest and will be in touch within 24 hours of receipt.


If you have any questions about the referral procedure, the forms or anything at all, please telephone us on 0161 973 5759 or email us.  We are here to help.


Contact us 0161 973 5759

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