The Finance Care Service was founded to be a “pro-active” and “can-do” service providing daily money management for those who need it.  I take great pride in saying it is enthusiastic in supporting others associated with the vulnerable adult’s care and we want to help as much as possible to make that adult’s life the best place it can be.


I am a qualified Solicitor, having previously worked with Slater and Gordon Lawyers and Linder Myers Solicitors.  I started practising as a Solicitor in the area of Civil Litigation, specifically money (finance, debt and bankruptcy) and insurance matters, I then moved into the realms of the Court of Protection (COP) (finance and property) and dealt with estates ranging from hundreds of pounds in value, up to millions of pounds.  I have acted for Clients with learning disabilities, Clients diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer's, Clients diagnosed with Korsakoff's Syndrome, Client's who have previously been drug users, Clients diagnosed with Huntington's disease, the Elderly and Clients needing a comprehensive 24 hour care package with full-time Carers.  My role included:-

  1. Investigating, locating and taking control over protected parties assets which would otherwise go undiscovered including properties;

  2. Liaising/negotiating regarding care funding and historic debt whilst maximising budgets to maximise the quality of the lives of those I represented;

  3. Ensuring bills are setup correctly and paid on time in addition to liaising with Care Agencies/Care Homes to ensure protected parties have access to money as needed;

  4. Ensuring the correct Welfare Benefits are being applied for and received on behalf of the protected parties;

  5. Preserving and investing assets including properties and investments to ensure they meet lifetime needs of the protected parties.

During my time practising COP I encountered many different Protected Parties, Social Workers, Carers, Care/Nursing homes and Family members and what struck me was that no two protected parties had the same needs and sometimes those needs had been over looked or ignored, even when there was a capability to make that Adult’s life a better place.  I became devoted to ensuring that each Protected Party that I represented would have the best quality of life that their financial position could offer and that was my ethos.

This ethos now applies to the daily money management service that the Finance Care Service provides and I have now dedicated my career to helping those who need it. 

I have day to day conduct of all of the Finance Care Service’s Client files and ensure that each Client we represent has the best life possible that their financial position can offer.

If you have any questions about the Finance Care Service, or if we can help, please get in touch.  We are here to help not just our Clients, but also you.


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