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About Us, our Ethos and How we came about

The concept for the Finance Care Service came about during 2019.  The ethos was for a "responsive", “pro-active” and “can-do” daily money management DWP Appointeeship Service that provides financial advocacy for those who need it.

Pride in what we do


We take great pride in saying we are enthusiastic in helping vulnerable Adults whilst providing very real support to all others associated with that Adult’s care.  We were founded to make vulnerable Adults’ financial lives the best places they could be by using our experience to make a positive impact.

Experience with finances and debt


Our founder, Daniel Slaven heads up the management of all of our Adult’s files.  Daniel has supported Clients with learning disabilities, Clients diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer's, Clients diagnosed with Korsakoff's Syndrome, Client's who have previously been drug users, Clients diagnosed with Huntington's disease, the Elderly and Clients needing a comprehensive 24 hour care package with full-time Carers. 

We recognise the individuality of each Adult we represent


Daniel has experience with many different Protected Parties, Social Workers, Carers, Care/Nursing homes and Family members.  What has become very evident is that no two Adults have the same needs, and Daniel is devoted to ensuring that each Protected Party we support has the best quality of life their financial position can offer.  This is the ethos behind the Finance Care Service in the way that we care and provide support to those that we help.

​If you have any questions about the Finance Care Service, or if we can help, please get in touch.  We are here to support the Adults that we represent and also here to help to you.

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